Since 1992 , 11 radiation Physics and protection conferences were held at various Egyptian cities . In 1998 , the 8th radiation Physics conference was held in Beni Suef. The 11th Radiation Physics and Protection Conference was held At the Headquarter of EAEA. , Cairo .

Under the Auspices of

Prof Mohamed Shaker
Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy

Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority        (EAEA)                

National network of radiation Physics   (NNRP)                

Beni Sueif University                            (B S U)               

invite you to attend  12th Radiation Physics and protection conference that shall be held at conference halls of Beni Sueif from 25-28 October 2018 .

The most interesting aspect of Beni Sueif is the Museum. The first floor of the museum is devoted to Pharaonic items such as statues, canopic jars and saarcophagi and various Graeco-Roman items. Most of these items came from nearby Abusir and Heracleopolis Magna. The second floor is devoted to Coptic and Muslim items which came from the Egyptian  Museum in Cairo.