Typing Instructions and Formats

Manuscripts should be submitted on CD within maximum ten pages. The printed area, for all pages is restricted to 23 cm x 16cm, with page setup top 3.5 cm,bottom 3cm,left 2.5 cm and right 2.5 cm

Typing should be single spaced. Paragraphs are separated by two lines with the first line in each paragraph identified 5 spaces.

The font used should be Times New Roman using Microsoft Word for Windows. The size of the font is 14 for the Title of the manuscript and of size 12 for the rest of the text, headings, and captions.

The Title of manuscript should be centered at the width of printing area. It should be written in bold letters, with the first letter in each word in Capital.

After an empty line the author(s) initial (s) and surname(s), without titles are written, centered, in bold letters, e.g.
E.A.EI-Komy, S.M. Saad, and A.B. EI-Sayed

In the following line the name and address of the laboratory and institute where the work has been performed are written, centered. in italic letters, e.g.Nuclear Physics Department. Nuclear Research Centre, AEA. Cairo. Egypt

In the following line insert the main Author email Centered in italic letters.

After two empty lines, an abstract should come in not more than 100 words, under the heading ABSTRACT. The width of the abstract area is only 14 cm and it should be centered and written in bold letters.
An empty line is left and then comes 3 to 5 Key Words, for international classification, in bold italic letters, e.g Key Words : Equations of State/ Molecular Interactions/Gas Properties.

After an empty line, the manuscript itself should start under the heading


The main headings should be centered , and proceeded and followed by an empty line. They should not be numbered or underlined and they should be written in bold capital letters.

The subtitles should be written in bold letters, left Justified, and proceeded by an empty line. They can be labeled, numbered, or underlined, e.g. The LJ Model  The references are marked consecutively in the text in Arabic numericals  as superscripts in brackets,  e.g.   Several authors(1-3) have studied this effect. .  A complete list of references should be given at the end of the manuscript in the same numerical order, e.g.


(1) M.S.Dewar, and W.R. Cooks; J.Am.Chem.Soc.; 98, 1387 (1992).
(2) J.O. Hirschfelder. C.F. Curtiss, and R.B. Bird; "Molecular Theory
     of Gases and Liquids", John Wiley and Sons Inc, New York (1963).

The figures should be carefully drawn with captions written in the same font as the rest of the text. They should be of  the right size to show the details mentioned in the text. In the case of photographs, it is essential to submit clear photocopies . The outputs of Oscilloscopes, Multichannel analyzers, ..etc. should be clearly photocopied on high quality white A4 papers.

The tables, each with its own caption, should be written in the same font as the rest of the text. They can be diminished to fit the size of the printing area provided that they remain clearly readable Tables and figures should be inserted in the proper place  as long as they do not occupy full pages.

The equations, or reactions, should be numbered consecutively, and their numbers should appear on the right justified between brackets